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Custom Homes

Custom Homes – “where do I start…?”

Do you own a lot?

If so, make an appointment and stop by our model home in the Audrey Meadows community. You will have the opportunity to meet with our Designer, Brad, who will help to ensure your dream home will be realized on your property.

Still searching for the perfect home site?

At Charleston Homes, we want to ensure your home is situated on a home site that will add value and complement your home. We offer free consultation with our designer Brad to walk your property with you and offer some advice  before you make the final purchase. Brad will help explain site servicing, lot dynamics and other factors such as sun angles, wind and topography.The consultation will provide you with enough information to prepare a rough budget and determine the feasibility of your plan.

Dream and Decide…

To help you in your design process we offer a library of over 300 custom home floor plans we have developed over the years. Use these as a starting place for your home, or select one of these plans and we'll help you modify it to fit your lifestyle. You also have the complete freedom to start from scratch. With the help of our in-house design team, you can help design your floor plan perfectly suited to your taste.

The Process…

Once your final consultation is complete, the construction of your dream home will begin. Our in-house design team, and individual site supervisor will help you through each stage of design, construction, and finishing. You can trust that with our experts, you dream home will exceed all of your expectations.