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Q: What is a Quick Closing Home?

A: In most subdivisions, homes are purchased before the ground has been broken. Clients specify all aspects of their new home, from basement design to final interior finishes. Early Delivery Homes are already designed and specified by Charleston Homes, based on our many years of market experience. We maintain a select inventory of these pre-specified homes for clients who need or want them.

Q: Who buys a Quick Closing Home?

A: Early Delivery Homes are mostly for people who need a home in a hurry. Many buyers have been relocated, or must move sooner than planned because their existing home has been sold. Others simply want the convenience. Busy people often can’t commit enough time to make the many stage-by-stage decisions needed for new-home design and construction.

Q: What are the major benefits of buying a Quick Closing Home?

A: All decisions have been made about layout, materials, finishes -- even colour selections -- and construction is under way. Delivery can therefore be much sooner than if you were starting from scratch.

Q: Can changes be made?

A: It depends on the stage of construction. There are four stages: basement, shell, mechanicals, and finishes. Each one must be “signed off” by our operations/construction department before the next stage commences. If you request an upgrade before sign-off, there’s a good chance it can be accommodated.

Q: Can changes be made after the shell had been signed off but prior sign-off of the mechanicals?

A: Yes. You can still make changes to the final two stages of construction – mechanicals and finishes – assuming you have remitted an initial deposit and signed an agreement of purchase & sale. Upgrades from the standard set of features would then be made with the project manager as your guide. An amendment to your Agreement of Purchase & Sale will be made to reflect your upgrades.

Q: Does the closing date change?

A: Upgrades often affect the closing date. We determine the trades people needed to make your upgrades. Based on their scheduling, a new closing date may or may not be required.

Q: How can I get the process started?

A: Call or email for an appointment with the Sales Associate in the Charleston community of your choice and ask about Early Delivery Homes.